"Time Out Chair"

All our DVDs are in a tall rack that spans the length of the floor to the ceiling. We’ve placed all the children’s videos on the lowest level. But since there are more, that level is “overflowing” in the sense that aside from the videos that are fixed like books (standing) in the inner part, we have the extras stacked one on top of the other in front of it. We have two stacks like that and a teeny stack of CDs beside the standing videos inside.

Every single day, K pulls the stack down SEVERAL times.

And yesterday was the kicker. I usually ignore him but man, he did this so MAJOR many times! By the evening, it was difficult not to keep my voice down.

P, the ever empathetic child that he is, says, “Mom, why don’t you rest and relax first, so your ‘upsetness’ will go away?” Aw, sweet isn’t he?

Then he goes on to make me a “time out” place on the couch complete with a pillow (to rest my head on) and his “pets”, Teddy and Turtle, to join me. He asked me to sit there, relax so I can calm down.

Amazing, this kid!


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3 responses to “"Time Out Chair"

  • Gorgeous Sis

    Ang kyot! Paul is like an adult no.

  • Beautiful Grandma

    How sweet of Paul, I am so proud of him! He thinks and acts like an adult!!!

  • Raju Bathija

    Hi, I am also using soleil template for my blog. I have a question: How does not remove `Links to this post’ section from the template. I have try to remove few lines from the template and it seems to disturb the other parts of the template.

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