Online Petition to Anti BF Letter

please sign up and help protect and save bf in the Philippines!!!

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We are concerned citizens who believe that we should take a stand against the anti-breastfeeding letter sent by Dr. SANTIAGO A. DEL ROSARIO in the Philippine Daily Inquirer which came out last June 23, 2006 ( )

Dr. Del Rosario blatantly presents incorrect and misleading information about breastfeeding. He does so at a time when we need to protect the health of Filipino babies given that there has been a great and steady decline in the number of breastfeeding mothers in the country.

Unlike any statement in Dr. Del Rosario’s letter, it is a fact that Breastfeeding is the gold standard in nutrition. It is the only perfect food for infants that meets the biological and immunological needs of children. In all circumstances, in developed and developing countries, breastfeeding is very important in preventing maternal and infant deaths and illnesses .

We sign this petition because in a country where the average duration of exclusive breastfeeding is 24 days and only 1.4% of babies 6-7 months old are exclusively breastfed (2003 National Demographic and Health Survery, UNICEF) and knowing that this directly results in 16,000 infants deaths per year, it is downright irresponsible for a doctor to speak against breastfeeding.


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