The REAL first day of school

Okay, so last Thursday was just the “open house”. Technically, it’s not the “first” day of school because S and I were there, and so were the parents of the nearly one hundred seventy five children in nursery. (Yes, imagine the chaos!)

Today, was P’s *real* first day…we get to leave him in school and all that.

So, we began preparing by having lunch at 11 (actually, 11:15 because he came out late). Dressed at 11:30 (after a teensy hitch about cartoons), then left soon after. We left the house at around 11:40 and hit right smack into—TRAFFIC.

Can I just complain and bitch about how horrendous the traffic was? We live five minutes away from school, (three, if S or I drive!), but we were there, stuck in all that muck. *Sigh*

NOW I understand why so many parents complain. It was just plain crazy. I am just thankful it didn’t rain because at one point, P and I had to get down and just walk to school.

I digress…the traffic isn’t the *main* part of this entry. P is. =)

Anyway, we got to the gate, walked into the gym and I told P, “Okay, dude, gotta walk yourself in. Give your Momma a kiss before you go.”

He surveys the place, looks at the other kids, spots them being brought in by their parents or nannies and makes a little pout and say, “Can you bring me in pleeeease, Mom?”

So I survey the place, look at the other kids and spot them bring brought in by their parents or nannies and say, “Oh, alrightee.”

We walk into the gym, and to the walkway that connects it with their building. I gave him his bag, take a good look at him and say, “Have a good day, dude! Love ya!” Then give him a kiss. He takes the bag in his right hand, while his left is holding his old Incredibles lunchbox, mumbles, “Bye” and strides into the building.

Wah…he’s a big boy now!!!!


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