The past few days have seen us talking about death. P has been quite anxious, not wanting me to pass before he does.

A few nights ago, before we went to bed, he talked to me about it, and I could hear his voice crack and he’d actually be crying without admitting it. (He’ll just say that his eyes have water!) He’s been asking who would take care of him if I died ahead. And that he wishes that we just go together.

I never refute the fact that I will indeed die one day but I also ask him whether I’m young or old. He’ll figure and say that I’m still young, so based on that I still have several years to go. Somehow it calms him down.

We’ve noticed that P is empathetic. When he was watching the Blue’s Clues episode Steve Goes to College I actually saw his eyes water when Steve was saying his goodbyes!

Wow, was that us or is he inherently like that?


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