First Day!!

P’s first day at “big” school was yesterday.

Weeks leading up to the first day, he’d repeatedly say he is “shy, nervous and scared” (always these three) to be in school. moreover, he didn’t want to wear the polo shirt (as always).

But I think we prepped him well…and he knew what we expected. So he didn’t have much of a choice. Hahahahaha!

Also, we tried hard not to invalidate his feelings (admit it, all of us feel anxious on the first day of anything), so we said it was okay to feel that way. But we assured him that all the kids were new (one of his anxieties stems from the fact that he thought that some kids were “old” students).

At first, he was “shy” but later on eased up. We were even the last ones out as he enjoyed playing with one of the construction toys.

The traffic was horrendous outside!!! It took us twenty minutes (?) to get from the school to the house, when it would regularly take five, and even less if S or I drive. Hahahahaha!

Then, afterwards, we took P to watch Cars at Promenade. The animation was superb! And the story was good too. One of those films that captures a wide audience. Watch it!


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