In two days, P will be starting big school already! It seems like only yesterday when he was a baby!

Last night, before we went to bed, he asked if his dad and I were going to be there for the first day of school. I assured him that, yes, we will be! Then all of a sudden, he starts crying. He was saying that he didn’t want me to die ahead. He wants us to go together. He was bawling.

It was sad, hilarious and amazing at the same time. Sad, because I know how he feels (even at this age, I’d be lost without my folks). Hilarious, because (hopefully!!) it won’t happen so soon and amazing since I can’t fathom how a kid like him (at 5 years!) can think of things like that.

Even I was watery-eyed (and partly trying not to laugh) when P was telling me about it. He didn’t want me to grow old and move on. I asked him if I were old NOW and he said “no”. So I told him he shouldn’t worry yet. Besides, by the time I’m “old”, he’d probably have his own family.

I didn’t reiterate that all people eventually move on from this life to the next. He knows about it. I didn’t promise I’d live forever either.

I suppose, for my children and for my husband, I really need to try best to keep healthy and thus live a life for as long as they need me.


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