I’ve Been Tagged (Again)!

Thanks, Jen, for letting me know about this…I’ve been quite busy, I haven’t blogged in a while!

Six WEIRD FACTS (are you sure you only need six? I might have more…hahahaha!) about me:

1. I take 3 minute showers (just like guys!).

2. I don’t like shopping most of the time (just like guys!).

3. I used to go to bars to “people watch” (see what they wear, how they act, etc.).

4. I don’t like it when the toilet paper is placed in such a way that it rolls out from the bottom. I prefer it when it comes out from the top. When I’m at a house where it rolls out from the bottom, I reverse it!

5. I labor really fast. For Paul, I delivered within 2.5 hours of active labor. For Kevin, well, it took 15 minutes from the time I entered the hospital’s delivery room for him to come out!

6. I loooove smelling Kevin’s morning breath. I do it everyday because I know that one day (hopefully not too soon) he won’t have good morning breath anymore!!

Tagging ya:

Confessions of a Domesticated Party Girl
Mama Mia
Marital Bliss
Junarakasa’s Story
…..paruparong bukid…


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