A Kid’s Wisdom

S and I got into a tiff yesterday, so instead of joining them at a party the family had to go to that night, I decided to join my folks and brother on their Saturday evening out. (I explained to P that his Dad and I were upset at each other and needed a little time apart.)

When I got home, everyone was still out so I had a little more alone time. Before bed, P talked to me and asked whether I was still upset. I told him that I was and he said that he was upset at both of us. He said that I shouldn’t feel bad because his Dad is the nicest guy (his words). He fell silent and later on asked if we were going to live apart (gee…maybe next time I should not tell him the truth?).

THEN he gives me *the* sermon: “Mom, I think you should think about what a good wife is. And tell Dad to think what a good husband is. Let’s go to bed already. I’ll tell you tomorrow what a good wife is, okay?”

I had no idea if I should laugh or cry. I was so amused, yet what he said held so much meaning. Before I went to bed, I sent S a message (he went out with a friend) to apologize for whatever he felt bad about.

What wisdom from an about-to-be-five-year-old…


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