Long Live the Eheads

I’ve finally come around to getting the album (actually S got this for me).

And even though there have been mixed reviews (check here and here), I personally love the album. S says it’s because the artists do not sound very different from the way the Eraserheads sounded. (i.e., if it were too far out like Shonen Knife doing the Carpenters‘ Top of the World from If I Were a Carpenter, we may not have liked it — but I liked that as well, I actually have a copy of the album which is missing!)

Made me recall the university days! S and I even watched one of their concerts at the UP Sunken Garden. I also remember sending a copy of ultraelectromagneticpop the CD to a my best friend in Canada (and at that time, she had already been living there for less than 10 years). When she received it and played it, she just had to call and say, “What’s that album you sent me?!?!?!” Hahahaha, she must have turned Canadian. It was blasphemy for me that she actually wondered about why I sent her the album. Of course it was because I totally loved the Eheads that I wanted to share their music with her!!

Several blogs I’ve read called Paolo SantosMagasin heretical, to say the least. But then the lyrics to Magasin were just so funny that I overlooked it.

Loved the rendition of Rico J Puno of El Bimbo, and Barbie AlmalbisOverdrive and 6 Cycle Mind doing Alapaap.

The Eheads really rock! Long live the Eheads!


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