We spent the weekend at Tagaytay with a few friends. It was tiring (because of the kids) and restful at the same time. The weather was great!! Here are some pictures:


One of the rare shots of P that are really nice…most of the time he’s not still. This was taken at Jardinero’s on the road up. It’s a restaurant where they plant their own greens. We stopped by to get some veggies for salad. If ever you pass by, get their peanut dressing.

at Jardinero's

Another picture at the same place of our driver and his friend waiting for the veggies and dressing that we bought. I thought that the picture had a nice lazy afternoon color to it.


Because my driver’s friend cooked for us, and because he’s such a dear friend, I am giving him a bit of space in my blog (as if a whole lot of people read this!! Hahaha!). Here he is, a one time baker (The Bachelor’s Kitchen), a one time finance guy (did his stint in several countries in Asia!), and now, a yogi (Bikram Yoga Manila)!

This guy is a great catch, so if you’ve any nice girls out there, let me know! =) He’s such a funny guy!


Here’s Patrick, with P, at the mini golf area, trying not to fall into the sand pit. (I should send this to Pam, so she knows how playful he can be with kids…hint hint? =) )


Nice Saturday morning out on the porch, with their Marks and Spencer decaf tea in Starbucks mugs.


This is K, checking who’s outside the window!


K again, with his Ninong by association, Tom (who looks like Samurai Jack now!)!


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