The Bunny Family

S and P have found a common denominator: Looney Tunes. In as much as I think that Looney Tunes is violent, I don�t plan to ban it as this is helping them bond with each other.

When Paul turned two or three, he suddenly stopped addressing Stan. From “Dad” to zilch to nary a whisper of “Dad”. For a while, it was “Da”, then it stopped, then it became “Dad” in a whisper. We totally do not understand why he decided to do it. (S thinks it’s because when I’m at the edge, I call him for help and he ends up “administering” the punishment.)

Some time last year, when P began watching Looney Tunes, he’d pretend he was Daffy Duck and S would pretend that he was Bugs. And they’d talk like each of the characters. It was hilarious. P can really do Daffy Duck complete with the lisp (and laway!). They began using our big comforter as a “rabbit hole” to hide in when Elmer Fudd comes out to hunt rabbits.

Just recently (can’t recall when), S and P decided to all be bunnies–S is “Daddy Bunny” and P is “Baby Bunny”. Of course, I am “Mommy Bunny” and K is “Baby Bunny 2”. So S and P would take the comforter out into P’s room and they’d sleep together in the “rabbit hole”.

It seems like he really enjoyed being with S (see, I tell you, non-electronic bonding really helps!!). So much so that he asked that they do it again the following night, PLUS he chose S to help him brush his teeth (his choices are usually Yaya or myself).

I was telling S that this was a big leap. I hope that it’ll get him calling S soon.


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