The Orchestra

Earlier this morning, P and I went to MegaMall to restring his violin. (The A string broke as I was tightening the peg.) Since we were practically the first customers, the shop didn’t have change. (I had a big bill.) We ended up going to the toy section of the department store to get toy musical instruments for both P and K.

P chose a set that had wind instruments (aside from percussion) and I chose one for K that was all percussion (tambourine, maracas, a clapper and a drum with two balls on strings that you roll between your hands).

Kevin's instruments

When we got home, aba, P wanted to play with ALL the toys, including K’s. I told him that he should share because that set is K’s. He didn’t want. Instead, he brought over something else that could make noise which K could play with…this one:

ang pinalit ni Paul

What a mercenary!!! Hahaha!!


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