The Orchestra

The theme of P’s class the past quarter has been music. They have visited Abelardo Hall twice: first, to watch an orchestra, and the second time was to watch a jazz band. The theme has been so rich! In fact, their culminating activity was a concert! The children sang songs from different genres: Under The Sea from “Music from Movies and TV”, The Orchestra Song (to introduce the next genre), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from “Classical” (the music from the song was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and a (scat) song by Louis Armstrong.

In the picture below, the kids are pretending to be the orchestra. P and his group, at the right side of the picture, are “clarinets”. The children on the left part are the “violins” and the children in the middle are “horns”.


It was a short but absolutely fun concert!

S and I are so happy that the theme on music fueled his curiosity. He’s shown real interest (googling different instruments to Sergei Prokofiev!). In fact, my mom got him a violin and he began his first (albeit, trial…more like parts of the violin) lesson yesterday. The first formal one will be next Saturday!


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