The Picture I Haven’t Showed Mom

S and I got P’s acceptance letter to XS today. It seems like that’s the school we’re choosing for him (another blog on this later! Have to fix my thoughts about it…).

The application to X’s EED (Early Education Department) took forms, a group assessment plus an individual exam. P’s group assessment was done on the 29th of August.

S and I took him there that (early…ack!) morning. We were with other parents who were more awake than we were. Paul was his usual “I don’t want to do this” self. When the psychometrician began calling the children, I told Stan to just bring P himself (was afraid he’d cling to me!).

Turns out to be a good idea. When he was called, I cringed when I heard his voice pipe up, “I’m NOT ready!!!” (I was thinking…”how many chances do we get to do this again?” hahahahaha!)

The five minutes I waited for S to come back seemed like an eternity. And when he did, all he said was “Well, he went in. When he saw the tables and chairs, he totally forgot about me.” Hahahaha! We were both laughing.

One of S’s batchmates from highschool was also there because his son was taking the group assessment as well. Kerwin (S’s batchmate) told us that P seemed like a lawyer-in-the-making. While the other children just cried or held on to their parents, P had the sense to say that he wasn’t ready. =)

Well, after the assessment, three of us went home, and off I went to work. Apparently, *someone* left the yellow slip (Nursery Admission Schedule Slip) at a place where it was accessible…and when I got home that afternoon, this was what I found:

yellow slip

I shared this picture with my sisters only as I thought it might give my Mom a heart attack. Hahahaha! This was one of those moments that I knew I could do nothing but just laugh nalang.

So Mom, here’s the picture I thought I’d show you when P was already in Grade 1. Apparently, it didn’t have any bearing in his getting accepted into X. Hahahahaha!


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