"Welcome Back!"

“Welcome back!” That was what I heard first from Him as I stepped into His house. “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

“Yes, it has, ” I say. “I’ve been busy with the kids and the husband and work, I’ve hardly had time for myself.”

“Is that why you can’t make it to dinners here?” He asked.

“Well…,” I said, as I try to think of a good excuse, “well, see, on Sundays, we go to Memorial to visit Stan’s grandfolks, then have lunch at Akiga. We get home at around 3 already. By that time, I’m hot, sticky and stinky from the incense, I’d like to take a shower then a nap. It’ll be six by the time I get up.”

“Well, what about Saturdays?” He asks again.

“Oh, okay…..Saturdays….,” I muse. “Well, during the week, I’m so tired, I hardly have time for Stan. I fall asleep even before having a decent conversation with him! We spend Saturdays together.”

“Then maybe, you should take him to dinner with you here,” He offers.

“You’re right. He owes me. I’m actually glad I came over today,” I tell Him.

“Great, then I’ll see you next week?”

“Definitely,” I smile.

What a Guy!



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