My Little Chef


Ever since P got his hands on this cookbook of mine (please don’t think I’m a good cook. I tell S that I will be, though, if he gives me a nice kitchen!), he’s been asking to make Teriyaki Beef Strips.

Last Saturday night, he finally got the chance to. Since we were home alone (meaning just me and the two boys), Nita (our cook) asked P what he wanted for dinner. He said he wanted to make Teriyaki Beef Strips! Aba, he really made (and ate!) them! I was so proud, I wished I took pictures, but it totally escaped me!

The other night, he wanted to make butter. The recipe called for whipping cream and a dash of salt, shaken vigorously. Perhaps I didn’t shake it as much as I needed to (so tiring!), as I didn’t see the “yellow chunks of butter” happening. I just stuck it in the fridge and we had some kind of butter thing the next morning, which he spread on bread by himself and ate really quickly!

Hmmm…seems to be following in the footsteps of his Dad, grandfather and uncles. Yes, it’s the guys in the house that cook. (Thank goodness my MIL doesn’t! I’d have to learn if she did! Hahahahaha!)


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3 responses to “My Little Chef

  • Joanne

    I think it’s awesome that Paul is interested in cooking! Beef Terriyaki, I can understand – but butter? That is actually quite unique! Keep us posted on his culinary escapades! 🙂

  • Beautiful Grandma

    At least now I know I have a grandson who loves to cook like me. Because none of my four kids like to cook, they just like to eat!! Paul told me yesterday that he cooked with yaya nita using his mom’s cookbook.

  • Most Beautiful Daughter of Beautiful Grandma to Paul

    Ma, I know how to cook! I just don’t have the time…maybe if I became a housewife?

    Please tell Paul to make me a butter sandwich and to bring it on Sunday.

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