Creative Play

Today, I took P to XS for a tour given especially to sons of the alumni. I was so glad to find a classmate of P’s from Explorations, Malcolm, and his mom, Joy.

Apparently, we were in the same situation: the boys’ dads, who were supposed to take them on the tour next Saturday, the 27th of August, are both out of town! Unfortunately, AAXS (Alumni Association of Xavier School) canceled it because, according to them, only a few people confirmed for next weekend.

I honestly don’t know how that worked out because today, so many alumni and their sons were there. It was in fact difficult to appreciate the talk and the tour. (Can you see that I’m not really into *big* groups??)

Anyway, Joy, Malcolm, P and I were the stragglers, enjoying the place when everyone had moved on and left the EED. During the talk, we stayed by the stacks of chairs because the main forum area was full.

Joy and I watched in wonder as our children suddenly transformed into train engineers and started “fixing” the stacks as they pretended that this was their train. It was so great just seeing them enjoy sitting on top of the stacks and seeing whether the “train” can move, making adjustments under the stacks because the “train” was still broken.

Later on they began “playing” on trumpets using their own hands. Amazing. Truly amazing.

They were not unruly at all. They played. Just Malcolm, and P, and the stack of chairs. What children can make out of such regular, mundane things never cease to amaze me.


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