My Little Entreprenuer

For several weeks now, P has telling me that he wants to sell lemonade outside the house. (I think that the books he’s read and the shows he’s watched has contributed to this decision.)

Over dinner on Friday, we all agreed to get lemons this weekend and make lemonade to sell on Sunday, when we go to Memorial (we’ve done this ever since S’s grandmother died 6 years ago!).

Stan brought home some lemons yesterday and Paul made his own “Lemonade For Sale” sign.


This morning, P and his Grandfather squeezed the lemons. I helped P put in a basket the stuff he needed to bring: the sign, the cups and his piggy bank where to put in the money he makes.

They’re off selling now. I’m home as Yaya’s on her day off. K still needs to rest as he practically just got well.

I’m dying to find out how things went! =)


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One response to “My Little Entreprenuer

  • Beautiful grandma

    I am so proud of Paul, as his a-ku says, he is business minded….do let me know how his sale went today….i am waiting also to buy some from him…..

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