Two-Parent System

Now I know why God made a two-parent system.

We had a full day today. Mostly spent meeting with S’s cousins, the earlier part at their office, the latter part in Akiga Podium (so we could eat lunch).

I took P with me to Akiga so he could have some time out of the house as well.

I suppose the day’s activities took a toll on me, plus K’s asthma (boohoo…just found out that allergic rhinitis, eczema and asthma go together…meaning, if the family has any one of those mentioned, the others can manifest as well. S’s family has eczema. Seems like Kev may have asthma after all!) pa, haaaay….

In the evening, I was beginning to be cranky, and I think P was, as well. He was a bit disoriented, and quite magulo. I turned him over to S so that I could focus on K.

Thank goodness for a partner in parenting! (Thanks, Hunny!)

I am in awe with single parents who raise great kids!


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