Sigh. I’m kinda sad. K’s chest has been phlegm-y on and off for so long. We went to the doctor this morning, and though I’m happy he’s all of 19.5 lbs, he *may* have asthma. Vina (feeling close to his doctor!) put us on Flixotide for a month. She assured us it was a prudent dose (2 puffs twice a day).

Sigh. I hope it’s not bad. I’ve never had experience with asthma!


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One response to “Asthma?

  • Christine

    hi sistah! what kind of asthma does Paul have? Bea has viral asthma, she only gets it when she has a bad cough kasi her airways can’t take it so nauuwi sa asthma. now, she’s so used to it she even asks for the puffer when she can’t breathe.

    i’ve never had asthma but apparently here in NZ it’s quite common for kids because of pollen, etc……

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