The Last Samurai

I just caught the last part of The Last Samurai on HBO. Not taking into account the blood and gore, I thought that that movie was one of the best that I’ve seen! And that last fight scene was so amazing…they were so brave, charging against the guys with the guns.

That scene where Katsumoto (Ken Watanabe) kills himself is so poignant!

Gotta watch it again!


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One response to “The Last Samurai

  • MrsPartyGirl

    jen! it’s one of my favorite movies of all time (though i am not a fan of tom cruise). actually, affected ako more by the depiction of the death of their old culture just to give way to the manic influences of the west. kakahinayang, if you ask me.

    my fave part was when yung wife nung samurai that was killed by tom cruise offered him her husband’s armor. ahhh, kirot puso ko. it’s so symbolic of how the old and new traditions can merge in harmony. haay, i could go on and on 😀 watch it again!

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