I cooked!

Nita, our cook, left for home yesterday to check on her ailing mom. Needless to say, we had to think about what to cook for mealtimes. =) I’m always so dyahe to my in-laws because I don’t really cook. My FIL does and my MIL sometimes does.

I told S on Sunday night that I’d like to attempt to contribute one dish for Monday night. All night that night and all day yesterday, I was looking for a recipe that had the following criteria: easy to cook, so easy that no mistakes can be made, and of course, delicious.

In the end, I decided to make Chinese Beefsteak, recipe courtesy of one of my Mom’s friends. I went to get 1kg of beef that’s been cut up like tapa. I marinated it and let it sit for around 30 or so minutes.

I cooked (with the help of the girls in the house) and made the sauce. I tasted it and…okay, so it tasted weird. Note that it didn’t taste BAD, just strange since it seemed like beef tapa smothered in Worcestershire sauce. I must have poured too much Lea and Perrins.

I mentioned this to my FIL and he said that it’s okay, try again next time. But he ate a slice or two. I don’t recall if my MIL said anything but she had a slice. S had three, which is good! And what makes it a winner is the fact that P ate an entire plateful!

Because of that, I’m going to try and cook again! =)


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2 responses to “I cooked!

  • miamc

    congrats on your first attempt to cook. 🙂 i dont cook too bec my MIL cooks very well so it’s hard to top that. but there are two dishes that they especially like me to cook for them: Joanne’s BBQ ribs –> so easy to make and guaranteed super delicious, and Baked Chicken with Thyme. have fun cooking!

  • Christine

    cooking is good, girl! i love cooking and experimenting and to think i’ve never done that ever before getting married! hehe

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