Attachment Parenting

Got this from Attachment Parenting International:

Attachment Parenting is a philosophy based in the practice of nurturing parenting practices that create strong emotional bonds, also known as secure attachment, between the infant and parent(s). This style of parenting encourages responsiveness to the infant or child’s emotional needs, and develops trust that their emotional needs will be met. As a result, this strong attachment helps the child develop secure,
empathic, peaceful, and enduring relationships.

mamaella was visiting today with Ryan. The first time we ever met was at a breastfeeding support group meeting several months ago. I saw that she had a Mayawrap and had wanted to be in touch because I wanted to learn how to babywear.

(My sis C got my Mayawrap for me when P was 4 months old from an LLLLeader in Singapore. Unfortunately, I felt that since P was an older baby, he didn’t want to be in the sling anymore. My mistake was that I really didn’t practice using it on him.)

I’m glad that I was able to keep in touch with Ella, in fact, we later on found out (through emails, phone calls, and text messages) that we have several similarities! Most of all, we mother on the same wavelength. Both of us practice attachment parenting, we breastfeed our babies, we babywear, we practice EC, we co-sleep!

I had a lot of fun this afternoon talking to another mom with nearly the exact same ideas as I had…I did tell her too, that even though my folks didn’t practice other AP things like natural childbirth, breastfeeding, babywearing and co-sleeping, I felt that my siblings and I were brought up the AP way.

My Mom was a SAHM. She was very active in our schooling. She made sure we were well-fed (ha, wouldn’t YOU want to see a picture of me when I was young and bochog!), prepared us well for school, and was just plainly there for us.

Our folks supported us in whatever we did. They were the greatest parents ever! (Of course, I only realized this when I became a parent myself…)

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for AP-ing us, even when there even wasn’t a name for it!!!


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3 responses to “Attachment Parenting

  • Anonymous

    Apple, thanks so much for your write up about us, I was deeply touched by it. Dad and I always wanted to give you guys the best that we could afford, we thank you guys too for being very good children any parent would be proud to have.

    Looking back, I was active with ICA from 1975-1995, from 1990-2003 at Xavier, something I have been very happy to be part of. And until now, I am with the ASPAC of the Ateneo de Manila, by two years time, when Tep graduates, I will retire from school activities and take full time for our apos with dad.

    I am grateful to ICA and Xavier for the seminars they had given us, from them I learned how to take care of my three girls and my only son. My 3 girls are now all married and they are women of faith and service, each time I thank Sr. Teresita how grateful I am to have sent them to ICA, she would hug me with teary eyes. My son is needless to say is one that any parent would be proud of, I remember at the PTCs at Xavier, before I could ask any questions, they would ask me…how do you raise a son like Stephen? Until today, he is still very focused on his studies and of course his gym, which we support all the way.

    I do hope my grandchildren will grow up just as good as my own kids, I am sure they will with the daughters that I have, they will give them the same attention and support they received from us.

  • mami

    the above comment is mine.

  • mami

    I had to ask Tep to do it for me, I forgot to put in my name, this is my first time to do it.

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