Batman Begins!

This is the coolest of all the Batman movies! (but what’s it with prequels??)

And I actually picked up something from Bruce Wayne’s dad about being a parent. When Bruce fell into a covered well, Thomas Wayne didn’t panic. He went into the well to fish Bruce out. One of the helpers (Rachel’s mom) was so apologetic (I assume it was because Rachel and Bruce were playing; and she felt a bit like she should have watched over them).

All Thomas Wayne said that it was alright, “We fall so that we might better learn to pick ourselves up.

Sometimes, I’m too afraid to let P (and later K) get hurt…but sometimes, we have to let them go a bit, so that they can learn. I’ll keep this quote by Thomas Wayne (and later on Alfred Pennyworth) in mind when I’m too protective.

Another quote that I really liked was something that Bruce Wayne says to Rachel “It’s not who I am underneath… But what I do that defines me“. She actually finds out later on who he is when he repeats this line as Batman.

It sounds so Robin Hood, doesn’t it?


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One response to “Batman Begins!

  • miamc

    hey, jen! mier and i watched the movie last night too! this is the first time in years that we’ve seen a movie tog, as in date. i love the movie! this is the best batman movie (mier is a batman fanatic) and i couldnt sleep last night with all the lines and lessons learned from it. this is the only movie with real depth. christian bale is the best batman and bruce wayne ever! 😉

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