He called my bluff!

Going to school!
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I returned home from work this afternoon to pick P up and bring him to school. To my surprise, he wasn’t dressed yet, nor did he want to wear what Yaya had picked out for him.

I thought, “Ha, easy peasy.” I read in one of the gentle parenting books that I have that in situations like this, the goal is the most important thing. Which meant that I should let him wear what he wants, as long as he goes to school. This has happened before and he would always refuse to wear home clothes.

So I said, “Okay, sweetie…it’s time to go to school. Would you like to wear your home clothes or your going out clothes?” To my horror, his face set, he said, “Mommy, I’d like to wear my home clothes.”

“You’re sure?” I asked, hopeful. “You know, baby, the other children will ALL be in going out clothes. You’ll be the ONLY one in home clothes,” I continued praying inside he’d change his mind.

No siree! He didn’t. He wanted to wear home clothes.

As he was putting on his sandals, I was still asking whether he’d change his mind. Still, he wouldn’t.

So, that’s how he looked today at school. Ang batang yagit.


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2 responses to “He called my bluff!

  • Misis14

    hahahaha..it is really hard to outsmart kids.

  • mami

    One more person I would like to give credit to is Auntie Carrie, she is my first friend from ICA and she has taught me so much, not only in raising children, she gave me advice as I lived with my in laws for 13 horrible years, she would call to give me consolation on how to deal with them. She is very sincere and helpful.

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