I Love You, Mommy!

Was just in the john with P while he was doing Number 2. He says, “Mommy, I love you!” I ask him, “I love you too, baby, but why do you sometimes make Mommy sad and mad?” (As you can see, we had just settled an issue.)

P: I love you anyway, Mommy.
Me: Oh, okay, I love you too.
P: I love you even when you’re bad.
Me: (thinking, ABA!) Oh, P, I love you too, even when you’re naughty, but I’m sure you want Mommy to be happy so you’ll try not to be naughty, okay?
P: Okay, Mommy! I love K too…and I love him when he’s bad. I’ll help you punish him when he’s bad, okay, Mommy?

At this point, I had to swallow that bubble of laughter coming up. Hahahaha!

My funny Kuya!


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