crystal ball

crystal ball
Originally uploaded by jencc.

C took this picture of K while we were at the Mandarin Oriental. She named the picture “crystal ball”.


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2 responses to “crystal ball

  • Ruth

    hi jen! how are you??? ruth here from sp egroup. i’ve been out of circulation for a while (pc got busted and all email addys saved were erased), nanganak ka na pala! and kamukha ni paul si kevin. cutie pie din. congrats! 😀 how’s big brother? kiss mo ko sa kanya.

    saw your name at ruth’s (my tokayo hs classmate) site kaya ako napapunta dito.

    sooo glad to “see” you again. tagal na nating di nagkikita! miss you!

  • jencc

    ruth F!!! You and (the other) Ruth are classmates? Ngyark, sobrang small world! Tiny world yata! Will link you k?

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