my latest one!

my latest one!
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I’ve two more pairs of sling rings to go…this is the second one Nita made for me. I bought this funky shirt material for S but he chickened out. (He said to get him some “funky material” when I went to Kamuning…) So here it is, as a sling!


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2 responses to “my latest one!

  • miamc

    you know Mier suggested that I have slings made too when I use to wear them for Raya. he was even thinking of formal ones made so I can go out to parties or to dinners with Raya in tow. but I never really got to do that. good for you that you were able to have these made. where did you get the rings? how much? parang I want to have another baby just so I can use the sling again. Hahaha!

  • jencc

    hi mia! I actually am having so much fun with the sling! I did think about having a number 3 because of it…secret from Stan yan! Hahahahaha!

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