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I absolutely cannot resist it when he smiles at me like this!!!! Yes, it’s true, when you have more than one kid, you do have more love to go around!

For a while, I was afraid I’d love the second child less…but nah, not true…my cup’s always brimming with love. Lookit that! How can I not love that???


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3 responses to “adowable!

  • ruth

    that’s my fear, too, that i have love just enough for one kid.

    but, true, with such a cute second child, you’ll just have to find more love in you, eh?

  • Misis14

    love never divide nor substract…love always add and multiply. 😉

  • jencc

    ruth, cherryf told me before that she had the same fear. but when she delivered elle, she knew that she would have enough love for 3, 4, 5 or more kids! and now, i believe her! =)

    misis14, tama ka diyan!

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