Yaya’s back!

Last Saturday morning, I got a very early text message from Mom. She said that Yaya had arrived at her place already. I was not to tell P, so he’ll be surprised. (He had been asking about her since she left!)

Before the boys got up, I was preparing to go to Mom’s. But due to a miscomm, Yaya had joined Gemma (a helper who was asked to go to the store near our house) back home!

When P awoke, he asked me where Yaya was…(note that he asked this on two consecutive days when she had just left…after that, he “forgot” about her already). I was about to answer him when I saw Yaya sneaking into the room. (Paul’s back was to the door.)

She hugged him and said, “Hi, P!” He was consumed with so much emotion (I can’t believe kids at that age can have so much!), that after he said, “Yaya, where have you been? You were away for so long!” his eyes started welling up with tears (of joy, I’m assuming).

When I told Mom, she said, “Pang award talaga ang apo ko!”


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