Taking it A Day at A Time

I’ve finally learned what “taking it a day at a time” means. I used to plan, plan, plan, and when the plan would not push through, I’d be terribly upset…and when I get upset, everything else gets upset.

Now that Yaya’s out, I’ve been taking it a day at a time, and it’s been pretty good. I think I’m more laid back, more willing to bend the “schedules”.

It’s not worth fighting with P over “time to nap” or “time in the sandbox”. And with K, I’ve basically been going with his flow, which, thankfully, is quite easy: nurse-nap-play, then over again.

I kinda like it, being laid back. And I think that I’ve S, yoga and Dada Surya to thank for that!

S’s one of the coolest guys I’ve ever known. He hardly loses it. And for that, I thank him for “teaching” me how.

Dada Surya’s my yoga teacher…he’s moved back to his hometown in Bali, Indonesia to help his family. I hope to see him again someday. Take care, Dada Surya!


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