Three Bears and a New Baby


During my pregnancy, we bought P a DVD of Sesame Street’s “Three Bears and A New Baby”. The gist is that Momma Bear is pregnant and about to have a new baby. Baby Bear didn’t realize how this was going to change his life forever until Telly had mentioned it to him. Of course, at the beginning, Baby Bear was so against the idea, saying that they were the “perfect storybook family”. (Of course, things work out in the end and Baby Bear even helped name the new cub…Curly Bear!)

P choose to watch this video again yesterday evening. After we watched it, he told me that “we didn’t need more kids”, that “K and I are enough”, that “our family is perfect already.”

That, after he had been asking for a sister after K was born. I don’t know where he got the idea about both of them being “enough kids”, but it works well for S and myself! =)


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