Making Time

For a while, I wished that there were more hours a day. Then I realized that if there were, there would be more things to go around. So, I decided that I wanted a super power…the power to stop time.

I realize how difficult it is to prioritize. More and more, I find less and less time for myself. My weekdays are generally the same–get up in the mornings, take shower, get P up (if he isn’t already), bathe him, have breakfast with him, take him to summer classes (Chinese playgroup), come back home, fix room, spend time with K, put him to nap, pick up P, bring him home, go to the office, work work work (this is actually time for “myself”), go back home, spend time with kids and Stan (sort of), take a “nap” (sometimes), get up at a weird hour in the morning and blog. (quick showers are done when I can fit them in, either in the morning or in the evening!)

Once, I was invited to a cocktail of a research company I worked with when I was in accenture. It was their 25th anniversary and they were celebrating big time. I was all set to go a few days before the actual event when I got stuck in traffic…

And when I get stuck in traffic, I get weird thoughts (just like when I’m in the shower). I thought that I’d rather spend time with my family. They’re my ultimate priority. I realized then, that if I wanted to do something else, I’d have to make time. Just like that cocktail (which I eventually decided to forego), or a get together with highschool friends (which I went to since it was sort of a despedida for a friend who was going back to the US).

What’s the point? Well…that I’ve been given 24 hours a day, and what I make of those 24 hours, is my decision alone. And I’ve decided to spend as much with my three boys.


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