Milk Supply Busters!

Only now, with K, have I truly realized that breastfeeding is a confidence game. Before delivering him, I had armed myself with lots of reading material, and a strong support group when I decided that he will be exclusively breastfed.

Sometime after he was born, I was asked by someone if I knew how much he was getting. Of course I didn’t. Believe me, that question was enough to lower my confidence! I had to call up my sisters from the support group to just check if I was doing well…and, of course, I was.

Just today, that same someone said that K is not “really big” for a 4 month old. (I don’t know what “big” meant here…I assumed it meant FAT.) And that she saw a 3 month old (girl, at that!) who was “bigger” than K. Hmmmm…of course, I immediately attributed it to my breastfeeding K. Why? Because that was the only common denominator of the babies.

How can one be bigger than the other? Could be genetics, food, environment, nurturing…obviously, it was food.

It’s a good thing I’ve learned the “in-one-ear-out-the-other” technique from S. I used to take everything personally, until I got tired of it. I’m thinking if this person has just been bombarded by modern marketing of milk companies like Nestle so she doesn’t think breastfeeding is enough? Or is she feeling guilty that she didn’t breastfeed her children?

Well, whatever it is, she can’t bust MY supply!


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