A long time ago, there used to be just the two of us in bed, S and I. We have a king-sized bed that is large enough for us to stay on opposite ends, not touch, yet share the comforter, have 4 adult-sized head pillows, 2 adult-sized body pillows and lots of small pillows for me, when we would have a tiff.

Today, there are 4 people in our bed: both of us, plus the two kids. PLUS the comforter (which we don’t use all the time since it’s summer and P keeps kicking it off), 3 adult-sized head pillows, 1 adult-sized body pillow (S’s), 1 nursing pillow, 1 child-sized body pillow (P’s), 2 child-sized head pillows (one for P and one for me, in addition to my regular pillows), and a U pillow to put between my knees so I can be comfortable.

P used to crawl into our bed in the wee hours of the morning…moreso now that he has a little brother who he sees that I take to bed often (I nurse at night and would rather co-sleep than pick him up from his bed when he cries!).

Though we love the cuddles in bed, it took a while for S to get used to the arms and legs of P flailing about.

I know that this won’t last too long. One day P will decide to sleep in his own room, as with K. I’m cherishing the days they’d want to snuggle up with us.


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