The 80s "era"

Being both graduates of the School of Economics (UP Diliman), S and I sometimes talk in economics terms. Just the other day, we were discussing his music.

Since highschool, S has collected records (yike, I’m sure so many of our younger cousins haven’t seen what a “long playing” record is, nor a 45!), and CDs. Over the years, and with the advent of MP3s, he has amassed an entire collection of around 14 volumes of his own (this doesn’t include the other MP3s he regularly buys…that counts up to around somewhere easily in the 50s). That 14 volumes translates to roughly around 2500 songs or so, not even filling his iPod.

Anyway, he told me how his music spanned the 50s to the present time. Thing is, when you graph the songs against the timeline, it starts slow in the 50s, increases with time, peaks in the 80s, and slides back down (drastically in the 90s and the 00s).

This was our conversation:

ME: E, hunny, all the new songs naman are not nice, that’s why you probably don’t put them in your iPod.
HIM: Hunny, that’s what you think. I’m sure the people who are younger than us think that the music today is great.
ME: You mean like how we thought that our music (meaning Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Madness, etc.) is great and all the other songs from other years are bad?
HIM: Hmmm…
ME (just realizing it): Holy cow! We’re really old. Our songs are considered from an “ERA” already! And we’re feeling how our folks did. Ah…no wonder my Dad still sings songs from his time…(sigh) man, we’re old.
HIM: Hahahahaha!


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One response to “The 80s "era"

  • ella

    Not me, most of the songs in our cd collection now are new and I’m so over songs from the 80s.

    Kayo lang old ni Stan:=P

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