sleep…and ALONE TIME!

I recall C saying that she wishes she could get 10 hours sleep—straight. She mentioned this a few months ago, when she was still expressing every 2 hours.

I realized that I haven’t had that “luxury” ever since P was born, 4 years ago. (Not that I’m complaining…) In the beginning, it was because he was a baby and babies really didn’t sleep through the night (average of 2 to 4 hours between sleep time). As Paul grew, he would get up in the middle of the night and join us in bed!

Today, I’m back to square one with K.

I got up at 7am (prior to that, I went to bed at 3am as he woke me up at 2am to play and poop), and tried to nap sometime during the day. Didn’t really work. With an active 4 year old and a little nearly 4 month old, I could hardly find time. I fell asleep with both of them at around 9:30pm (I’m so glad S helped me put P to bed!), then I got up at sometime past midnight. I was able to do a few things (tidy up a bit, and pump and prepare the milk we’ll be sharing with some premature twins), and I now have alone time.

I will definitely cherish this time until the next feeding. Now, I have some peace and quiet.


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