K (at 3 months) in an upright position

K (at 3 months) in an upright position in my sling Posted by Hello

I finally got to try another position!!!! I got K to ride in my sling in an upright position!!! See how cute he is?

I asked C to get this for me when she was working in Singapore. It’s a gently used one from the La Leche League chapter there. She met with the lady (Jane Milligan-Choe) somewhere to get it for me. P was around 4 months and he refused to get in! I’m hoping that Kev will get used to it since I’d like to use it with him.

I’ve met a few babywearing moms at the local breastfeeding support meeting. That’s what encouraged me to try other positions. Isn’t K such a darling little boy??


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