Easter evening

the one and only picture i have with the boys Posted by Hello

This is how I looked during the evening of Easter…after the long break with boys aged 3 months, 4 years and 34 years.

Yes, I was tired (yaya was coughing so the boys were mostly with me), but it was a fun week.

On Thursday, I took P on a joyride to UP Diliman, because he wanted to see where I had studied. I first brought him to Econ. It looked exactly the same, only newly painted. Then we went to Law, but it was also closed. I took pictures of Paul by the door of the College of Law (with the sign on top).

After the trip to school, we passed by Ateneo’s Church of Gesu for a short prayer (we were planning to go to UP’s church too, but I couldn’t find a good place to park).

In the evening, Patrick, Tom and Tina came over. They played pusoy dos and watched videos till midnight. P hung out with them. I fell asleep on the bed!

Friday was supposed to be the day I go to St. Jude, which I do every year…but was just way too tired. So MTQ nalang again.

Saturday was a quiet (yet busy) day. Did mostly home stuff. Sunday–as usual.

Did I rest during Holy Week? Hmmm…parang hindi, but pwede na rin! =)


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