Thinking before Speaking

Have you ever been situations where you say something that you regret immediately? I used to. Sometimes I still do because I forget to think before I speak.

But I’ve learned better. Most especially after S and I married. Whenever S and I would have a tiff, I used to want to discuss the nitty gritty and “fix” everything before we go to bed. (i.e., I wanted to have kissed and made up before sleeping) But nooooo, never worked that way with Stan, I found out later.

If it’s a tiny (read: petty!) tiff, I’ve learned not to expect any answers from him (kasi nga, it’s too petty to fight about). If it’s a “medium” tiff, he’ll answer some, and when he notices that the conversation is steering to a direction that will lead into a nonsensical bigger fight, he drops it and I won’t hear a peep from him at all, until we change the topic.

Thank goodness, we’ve never had a “big” tiff! But I’d expect that he’ll say, “Let’s not talk tonight/now. Think about it for a few hours, we’ll talk then.”

Funny how he really knows me. =) He knows I tend to talk on and on and then later on regret what I say.

But then, I know him well enough to just shut up when there’s something we’re arguing about. I know that my blabbering on and on will be of no use and will just fall on deaf ears.

If it’s something that really matters to me, I bring it up later on and discuss it when I’m more rational, and the conversation actually turns out to be a decent one!

I don’t know if it’s because S was brought up that way or his training as a lawyer, but then, hunny, thanks for teaching me to think before I speak! Saves me from all the *possible* embarrassment later on! =)


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