Paul and I had this conversation a few days ago.

P: Mommy, I learned a new color. Guess (what it is)!
Me: Hmmm…how can I guess, I have no clues!
P: It’s like green and starts with the letter S.
Me: Green? S? (Wondering if there’s a real color such as what he’s describing.
P: S-H……guess, mommy, guess!
Me: (realizing what color he’s describing) I know na! Is it chartreuse?
P: You’re right, mommy, you’re right!
Me: Sweetie, chartreuse is spelled “c-h-a-r-t-r-e-u-s-e”. Where did you learn that?
P: From Joe! (Blue’s Clues)

Wow, Blue’s Clues is indeed a good show. His preschool teacher told me that that’s a well-researched show, made especially for kids his age.

Chartreuse, huh?


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