K in my cousin B’s OLD hat (we’re talking YEARS ago here!) Posted by Hello

We took K for his third month visit to the pediatrician today. I was joined by Mommy, P and Yaya. (Thought that it would be good for P to have a check up as well!)

K seems to be growing fast (though I’m a bit sad since he has a little cough–probably got it from P). He’s 6.85 kg (around 15 lbs or so) and 64.7 cm (around 25.4 inches). I don’t know how he compares to Pl month-on-month as I didn’t take P’s baby book. I’m happy he’s growing fast, but I hope not so super fast since he’ll probably be my last baby!

P’s better, but the doctor recommended that he puff Salbutamol (brand: Ventolin) again since she heard something in his chest. Hopefully that makes the cough go away. Poor P!


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