My pump that “talks”

I’m on a yahoogroup called “PumpMoms”. From the name, you can tell that it’s made up of moms who pump breastmilk for their babies. Some moms just pump, others pump and nurse.

One of the recent threads was “what does your pump tell you?”. Moms who use electric pumps will definitely relate. Based on the sound of the motor, and the fact that most women usually take 15 minutes to pump, it sounds like the pump is “talking” to the “pumper”.

I use a Medela Pump in Style Advanced and everytime I use it, it “tells” me something different. Yesterday, it was “broc-li”. Other times, it would be “Paul-Tan” or “Ke-vin”. Each mom hears a different thing, it’s hilarious (or strange)!


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