It’s been a long time since we’ve had “quiet time”–meaning both boys asleep at the same time. Today, Kev slept before P so I actually put P to alone. (On other days, I put both boys to bed at the same time, and more often than not, I fall asleep myself.)

I’m here, enjoying the time blogging and watching television…


The other day, I was so harassed from work. And I fell asleep putting the boys to bed that I was not even able to hold a decent conversation with my significant other. The next morning, I left a note in his sock drawer asking him for a date that night, just the two of us.

Throughout the day, I looked forward to the date. We had a nice dinner at Cookbook Kitchen while we poured over the Entrepreneur Magazine that he bought.

Later that night, I realized that Yaya’s job was so difficult. And since K was born, she hasn’t had a day off…so, I spoke with her and told her that she must really need time to herself. I asked if she wanted the day off on Sunday. So tomorrow, she has a date with herself! =)

19 Mar 2005 1135 PM


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