K at nearly three months! Posted by Hello

Lookit that! Isn’t that the face of a happy contented baby on mommy’s milk?

Having had problems at the start with P, I made sure I read up on a lot of material, joined bf support groups and be inspired by my sister who breastfed her (so far) one and only darling J, and other moms who exclusively nurse their babies long before K was born.

When he arrived, I had wanted to room him in immediately but couldn’t because he was to be circumcized and had to be observed (for EIGHT hours!) by the nursery. We only got him on the 3rd day, the day we were going home. I diligently went to the breastfeeding room every two hours (thanks for the inspiration, Can!) to make sure that he fed regularly.

K is a great sucker! (I hope no one ever thinks that of him in another context in the future!) The first nursing session we had was great! He latched on well, sucked for a good ten minutes on both sides and looked nice and contented (and asleep, of course!) after.

To ensure that my supply would be good, I would always take him and nurse him the minute I hear a peep out of him. (My FIL would always say that it seemed like our house didn’t have a baby since he hardly cried!)

K’s all of 12 weeks and 3 days already. At 8 weeks, he was 62 cm long and 5.9kg heavy, bringing us to the 97th percentile!

C was telling me the other day that she plans to stop pumping (she’s an EP’er–exclusive pumper!) next month, and just use up all her freezer stash (which is a LOT!, maybe two months’ worth). She asked when I was planning to stop. I thought about it a bit…Kevin’s probably going to be a second and last kid, so I’m thinking of letting wean on his own (though I’d have to admit, I don’t really fancy nursing a big child!). He’s my baby (literally, since he’s the younger of the two), and will always be…sa bagay, P is din.


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2 responses to “HAPPILY BREASTFED

  • Candy

    Hello atch! Qoobie is so fat and kyot. Paul is so big and smart. Why is Jooolia so light? Maybe she’ll be sexy like me mwahahaha. After reading your blog…maybe I’ll continue pumping nalang…next baby, i’ll nurse directly longer!

  • steve

    haha. laki na nga ni kevin!

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