Gee, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. My last post was on the 26th of August, 2003, a YEAR AND A HALF ago!

So, what can happen in that year and a half?

  • I finally implemented VacciPass, the project I’m handling for the company I work for
  • P moved to nursery, we brought him to a developmental pedia who suggested occupational therapy for his “defiance” (i’m somehow attributing it to television—we’re bad parents, bad parents!)
  • P’s learned how to use the computer (he can type in words when searching for images on Google!)
  • P’s teachers say that he may have a reading level of a Grade 2 child as he can spell big words!!
  • P loves to read (takes after his dad and mom—well, more of the dad!)
  • S went on the South Beach Diet and dropped 3 belt notches!
  • We gained a niece…the most darling little girl, J
  • I was into running — wanted to join a marathon last year, and then…
  • We got pregnant and gave birth to a second boy, K!

K was a bit of a surprise…of course, S puts all the blame on me…but then, he was a great Christmas gift as he arrived on the 21st of December last year. At that moment, I finally understood what “little bundle of joy” truly meant.
I had a lot of hesitations about having another child (but I felt I did have to have another one…at least TWO children). Would I be able to love kid number two as much as I love P? Would we have enough money for two? Would we be able to give number two as much as we gave Paul (in terms of time, attention and opportunities)?

Well, when I finally saw K for the first time, I realized that I had a lot of love to go around (well…patience is another story…). After that 15 minutes of “hard labor” and when they placed K in my arms, I just knew. If there were more, I would be able to love them all.

16 March 2005


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