Wanted all of you to know that we welcomed our new baby, K, on the 21st of December 2004 at 1:56pm.

I asked S to join me at my OB for my check up that day since I felt regular contractions that morning (unfortunately, to the probable dismay of our childbirth teacher, I still don’t know how to time them…). I just figured that they were approximately ten to fifteen minutes apart.

Anyway, when Dr. Annette Poblete checked me, she said that I was already 5 cm dilated (this is halfway to being able to deliver…just in case the single people don’t know…). I nicely asked if I could go home to take my (last?) bath and have lunch (this I didn’t say as she may not allow me…heck, you wouldn’t want dirty things happening in the delivery room, do you?). My doctor said that I could, after a non-stress test (to check on the baby, if it’s doing okay, etc., it’s like an ECG for the baby inside the tummy), so S and I went home (we were in fact deciding to go to Mega Mall, his office, Akiga or home).

With a good non-stress test, we left the hospital at around noon. By the time I stepped out of the car at home (which is just 5 minutes away, right? I gave birth in Cardinal Santos), I had difficulty walking already since the contractions were closer together and more intense this time. the only thing I was able to do was to lie down in bed and try and relax through each one (stuff we learned in childbirth class!).

I didn’t realize how difficult it is to relax when one is in intense “pain”. I still can’t truly classify the contractions as pain as they’re just terribly uncomfortable. The techniques I used for relaxation (which I practiced before) were so hard to do.

At this point, S was cooking lunch for himself and I was served my order of ham and garlic rice, which I couldn’t eat anymore. I had to ring Stan several times through his mobile just to get him to come to the room and massage my back. (which he didn’t—as he was cooking nga. He got one of the helps to do it though…) I honestly began to think that Stan was panicking a bit this time because his voice was louder than usual, and he kept on banging the door as he entered and left the room.

When he was done cooking and was back in the room, he took two bites out of his “Tagaytay” meal (stuff he regularly cooks in Tagaytay)—couscous, beef and mushrooms, and said, “let’s go to the hospital already”. Syempre, mayabang ako, I said, “wait lang, kaya pa”…hahaha! pero hindi na rin pala. At some point, I had an audience…Nita (the cook), Gemma (the other helper) and Kibod (who was massaging my lower back)…and all of them were insisting that I go.

Syempre, I growled, “Sandali, it’s masakit!” I couldn’t well move through a contraction, can I?

Finally, I took a chance to walk to the car in between contractions. When we got there, S was half yelling (more like with an impatient voice) to the driver to go na. And I just had to mumble “please go easy on the humps!”.

After that, the only thing I could say when we were near the hospital was “ER, wheelchair” in a soft voice, that I was pleasantly surprised that Stan heard (heck, didn’t know if I could say it again!).

The guard-on-duty at the ER wheeled me up to the delivery room (I nearly yelled at people getting in the way since I couldn’t speak anymore). They made me go into the prep room. The doctor there asked if I had an anesthesiologist. I was so glad S was there…I hate interviews when I am in the middle of a contraction. He said, “we’re hoping for a natural birth, but if you really think she needs one, you can call for one”. (I must have looked bad huh?)

She made me lie down on their little prep table (which I took a few minutes to do since I was having a contraction at that time) and did an IE—internal exam. and she said, “misis, fully dilated na ho kayo!” (translated: ah, buti nalang nandito na kayo, kasi kung hindi, baka sa bahay ka nanganak!)

(Imagine this scene from E.R.) Everyone begins to move into place…the staff begins to assemble…a gurney appears suddenly and I was made to slide on to it myself (this is the second time I’ve wondered why hospitals don’t employ bouncer-size guys to just carry huge pregnant women into gurneys like that). They brought me to the birthing room, but then they realized that the bed was not yet assembled, they would still have to fix the bed manually (it changes from a “regular” bed to a birthing bed). And since they thought it would take too long to fix, the doctor (who did the IE) just decided to let me deliver in the regular delivery room (with a side comment of “at least she will not have to pay for the use of the birthing room na rin!”).

Again, they made me slide from the gurney to the delivery table (took a few minutes again because I was in the middle of a contraction). At this point, I was asking if I could just give birth on that table. Hahahaha!

My OB appeared, and smiled. S said, “Annette! Thank goodness you’re here!” (He had been calling her from car!) She said, “I knew she was close, I didn’t leave the hospital anymore.” Stan began taking videos (from my point of view, so it was mostly of Annette, facing me, my face and me yelling, “I wanna push naaaaaa!”)

After several pushes (I’d approximate around 3-5) and after 15 minutes, K appeared. Annette said, “wow, big baby ah!” He weighed 7lbs and 12oz (4oz and he’d be 8lbs already–must have been all those chocolate crinkles I ate the past week!) and was 51 cm long. Haaaay, ang sarap when the baby’s out na!

S made the usual calls to the grandparents and our siblings when K was born. He stuck with me while I was being sewn up too. After, he went to get me a room while I was waiting in the recovery room. I was alone for a while and two other women were wheeled in. I realized how lucky I was again to have delivered naturally, without any medications, without even an IV. God is so good, I always wonder how deserving I am.

After an hour or so in the recovery room, I was finally released. S “picked” me up in the delivery room (I was on a gurney) and we went to my room. My in-laws were there, waiting for me…and I again, amazed my FIL how fast I had delivered. (We had just told him that morning that we were going in for a check up, who knew K would arrive later that day?)

I’m happy to say that I’ve been nursing K round the clock, and my milk’s come in already (today’s the fourth day). and yes, it is fun to have a baby in your arms, no? (It’s been years since P, and I can’t remember how it’s been!!!) I don’t mind the sleepless nights again (I think…)!

Thanks for all those who have prayed for me, listened to my anxieties and just said I actually looked good (or better than the last, at least!) during this pregnancy. Hahahaha!

Have a great year, everyone!


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