Arvin and Malou�s Wedding

S and I played wedding coordinator during Arvin and Malou’s wedding last 14th of June. We got off to a wrong start since the rest of our team members were late. (Thus, S, who was designated to pick them up, was late too! He had to wait for them.) I arrived at the church relatively late as well because I had to be with P (Yaya had to go back to the province to fix some things).

After we revved up and things started moving, we were all systems go. The rest of the wedding ceremony went on without a hitch (except that I couldn’t believe that the florists wanted to take out the arrangements at church and take them to the reception venue even before the ceremony ended).

The big surprise for us was when we got to the reception venue. We found out that Malou’s aunt was Mary! Mary was part of the coordinating team during OUR wedding! It was so comforting to hear that we were “doing great”.

17 June 2003
4:40 PM
Trip back “home”

Most people I know have a �hometown� to speak of. They usually go �home� to celebrate fiestas. I was born and raised in Metro Manila. City girl, so to speak. But last week, we went �home� for four days to Stan�s hometown of Catarman, Samar. Stan was actually born and raised in Metro Manila as well�so I guess it�s safer to say my FIL�s hometown.

We left even before dawn on Thursday, the 19th of June. Paul was a real sport as when I woke him up, the stretched for a while and then let me carry him. We rode the van of Uncle Nonoy. I was sure glad we borrowed it, as it was a good ride!

We headed south, passing through different provinces (Laguna, Quezon, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Albay, Sorsogon). It was a scenic journey, though tiring.

We stopped by at a roadside carinderia for breakfast. Though Paul didn�t eat much, he tried. He was probably tired and sleepy. So was I!

The trip was a looooong one! We got to the ferry terminal (we had to drive on to a ferry and get off when we reached Samar, which is part of the Visayas region) at nearly half past four in the afternoon, but just missed the one that set out. We had to get on the 6pm one instead.

By this time, Paul was probably, hungry, tired, and sticky, he ended up crying and crying when we were halfway through the boat trip, then he fell asleep. We reached Allen, Samar at around 8 or so in the evening.

I was tired as anything, all I wanted was to take a shower, brush my teeth and go to bed. But of course, we had to meet up with the relatives of Stan from there.

We first went to Uncle Albert�s house. It was a dark old house where his cousins used to stay (they�ve moved to Manila since, but their dad�s decided that he liked the province better.)

It was great since I saw parts of Stan�s childhood�the toys he was telling me about, the books Uncle Albert collects (he has an entire set � I think � of Dr. Seuss! Amazing!), the firewood �stove�, the house was ancient.

They fixed us a really nice meal of crab and fresh steamed fish and chicken. Though exhausted, I knew I had to eat something so they don�t feel bad and I don�t go hungry in the middle of the night. I had a piece of chicken and sauce on the rice. (like a kid!) Well, and two glasses of coke�I guess I needed it since it kept me going until I fell asleep that night.

After dinner, we moved to the house we were staying in. It was a stone�s throw from the house of Uncle Albert, in a building above Alex Commercial (a hardware store and one of the first business ventures that my FIL went into) and RCBC.

The place had three rooms, and a kitchen. Stan, Paul and I stayed in the room where his grandparents used to stay in, while my MIL and FIL stayed in the room that Uncle Eddie and Auntie Noah lived in. The other room was occupied by Dr. Joanne Co (Auntie Noah�s niece) and her two kids.

That night, Paul had a bit of trouble sleeping. I guess it�s because he isn�t used to the place. He kept on trying to squeeze in beside me; I hardly had the chance to sleep! We were already at the edge of the bed, I didn�t want to turn and fall off! Hahahaha!

The next morning, I got up and had a great breakfast�cholesterol-laden, but good. I had oily hotdog and a whole lot of puto with butter. In fact, I ate twice�the second time, with Stan, when he got up!

Paul played, mostly. He got himself dirty like a little street kid�his feet were so dirty, I�m sure if Yaya were with me, she�d have a fit! The two kids of Dr. Co, Jop-Jop and Teresa, liked to play with him. At first, he was not comfortable, as expected, but eventually, he eased up.

We rested, most of the day. The road trip took nearly 14 hours!

When I bathed Paul, I didn�t heat water anymore. It was funny since he was jumping around and saying �Mommy, it�s cold!� in his high-pitched voice. I told him, �We�re in the province, and it�s like that talaga.� But of course, if he bathed in the evening, we had water boiled so he won�t jump around too much.

Sometime mid-afternoon of the second day, my MIL and I went to a neighborhood parlor. Man, their stylists don�t know a thing about fixing up hair (imagine, the stylist asked me if I wanted my hair relaxed! I told him that I had super straight hair, and didn�t need it at all!)! We later realized that they probably specialize in coloring as everyone else who came in after us asked for their hair to be colored.

In the late afternoon, we dressed up (brought Paul�s barong!) and joined my in-laws at UEP (University of Eastern Philippines) where they were going to confer my FIL with a Doctor of Business Administration degree, honoris causa.

We were on time, but the program started late. I was a bit surprised as the people invited were all people from the school.

The festivities were held at the newly built gymnasium. The tables for dinner were set up with red tablecloth, as it was the school�s Ruby (40) Anniversary. There was lechon Samar (which is so good even without the sarsa) and lechon baka!!! This was aside from the buffet available. I ate a lot of the lechon as I felt I was �recuperating� from the trip (yeah, good excuse!).

After the acceptance speech of my FIL, Paul went home with the driver and the helps since he started becoming cranky. (We were later told he fell right to bed when they got home.)

The program was so long�each college presented something, stuff I didn�t expect professors to do! J There was dancing pa! But when it started, I was already in the car, so tired. I think it�s from the heat plus the trip (still).

Finally at nearly midnight, we rode home. My FIL, though he wanted to leave early, couldn�t since he was the honoree.

The next day, we started slow. Sometime during the mid-morning, FIL decided to take us to the abaca factory, the beach and Uncle Edward�s duck farm.

The abaca factory was big. There was a huge area for drying the stuff. Paul had fun looking at the animals there�chickens and dogs. We headed for Dangcalan Beach after.

Nope, Paul didn�t take to the beach like a duck to water. We had to ease him in�first, he played in the sand, then we made a big hole so the water could come in. When he was finally comfortable with the water, I carried him to the shoreline and sat there. I wanted him to be fully comfy with the water around his legs before I actually brought him to deeper waters.

We didn�t stay super long (thank God for that, because when we got home, we were so red!!!), and went to the duck farm after. There was a wide pond for all the ducks to swim in. There were so many of them! Paul had fun looking and quacking at the ducks! Since it started drizzling, we couldn�t stay out too much.

Not long after, we went home to have lunch and rest. Stan went straight to sleep after lunch. After another lazy afternoon, Paul and I joined my FIL to tour the UEP campus (we were there at night and it was super dark!) and go to White Beach.

UEP was huge, reminded me of UP Diliman because of the stand-alone college buildings. Part of their property was White Beach, the place where Stan and his cousins used to spend summer afternoons year after year.

White Beach was so nice! Untouched by commercialism, there were no restrooms at all�no shower stalls, just all beach.

This time, Paul was comfortable already. Even more when we had found a stick and used it to write on sand! It was even difficult to convince him to leave the beach! Wish we had more time there�

On our way back to the house, we stopped by the market to look for lato (seaweed) for me. We had it for lunch but I wanted more! Unfortunately for me, we couldn�t find any! L Anyway, we were able to buy a lot of fruits to take home and some veggies as well.

This was our last night in Catarman.

The next morning, we were up early, as we needed to take another road trip even further south, to another city in Samar called Catbalogan, to take a flight back to Manila. We left the house at around 7 in the morning, and passed through very provincial looking houses (nipa huts) and fields. The scene was lovely and restful because of all the greens.

Finally, after nearly two hours on the road, we were there! We checked in first, and then went to the market, trying (again!) to look for lato. Wala pa rin!

Back at the airport, we were wondering why the plane wasn�t there yet. I was not surprised to find out, as usual, it was late�Philippine style. Sigh.

We left Catbalogan at half past eleven. Paul was a real trooper in the plane. In fact, he didn�t even want to ride it�he was saying �Mommy, don�t like to ride airplane. Lolo Nonoy�s car nalang go home.� Of course, I couldn�t like send him back by himself! Hahahahaha!

We boarded and he sat on my lap. He wasn�t jittery during take off, though his body jerked a bit, signifying that he felt weird things happening. Most of the trip he was fine, drank his milk, played a bit. When the pilot announced our decent, he started crying. My MIL and I thought it was because of the pressure on his ears or the weird feeling in the stomach. Apparently not. His head was leaned on Stan�s chest, and he eventually fell asleep! He was sleeping all through landing, until the house!

What a trooper! I was so proud of him�his dad was so proud of him as well!!!

It was a fun (albeit tiring) trip. I�d like to go back again, if only for White Beach and the lato.

23 June 2003 10:46 AM

Blessed Again

For the longest time, I haven�t saved any money. Nope, not a single cent. A few weeks back, I actually thought I had money to save. I was already going to put a small amount into the time deposit at the bank. Then I paid off our bills, then I paid the balance of Paul�s tuition, then the bill of our car�s insurance came. Then I realized why it seemed like I had extra cash�because He knew I needed it. God is great!

(Kahit hindi ako naka-save.)

27 June 2003 2:26 PM

Dentist and My Birthday

yesterday morning, i took paul to the dentist! her name is dr. tessa ablaza. clinic is in medical plaza (right beside medico on san miguel ave). when you enter her office, you see a space na puro nice toys. she actually even has a tiny piano! blocks, toy tables, vtech toys, etc. no books ha? toys lang, plus ride-on toys pa! so paul relaxed kaagad. he started playing while i filled out the patient form. before we went in (we were the only ones lang naman at that time eh), the dentist came out to explain what she’ll be doing…she said she’ll count his teeth, brush them, teach yaya and i how to brush his teeth, and put flouride.

i had to coax paul to join me kasi he was busy playing. good thing it wasn’t so hard. he came and i was carrying him into the dentist’s main office. it was all white and so nice and clean. her chair had some hanging toys. it looked more like a house with a dentist’s chair, really. she explained that for first visits, the child sits on the mom’s lap and then puts his/her head on the doctor’s lap. (i was seated on the dentist’s chair with my legs out, facing the dentist. i wasn’t lying down ha? we were kinda knee-to-knee.) at first, paul didn’t want to put his head down. (thank goodness for “investments”—i told him a long time ago about his dentist’s name, and what she’ll be doing to him…he wasn’t too surprised anymore. he likes being warned ahead of time kasi, usually, pag ganon, okay na siya.)

dr. tessa was telling him she’d be counting his teeth with her little mirror. she first counted his fingers with it, then when he lay down on her lap, she counted his teeth! no struggle! then he sat up again. she showed him what she called her “eraser”. it’s one of those dentist’s tools which look like foam and is used to put parang “toothpaste” on the teeth. she asked him to touch it, to see how soft it was. then she explained what she was going to do with it. she showed him some blue toothpaste thingy and said that it tastes like mint. she said that she’d be putting it on his teeth. he lay down again, and she did it with no problems at all! (btw, i was holding both his hands in this position all the time.)

next, she showed me and yaya how to brush his teeth (in circles). she had a toothbrush she was going to give him which she used. she counted to him while she was doing ten circles on the front teeth, back teeth, molars, etc. then last was the flouride. she applied flouride, then that was it!

amazing, wasn’t it? oh, and once, when paul was seated on me, he actually pushed a button and the chair started going up! we told him we’d let him do that after the dentist does what she has to do. so after the flouride treatment, i stood up, put him on the seat, made him relax while dr. tessa pushed a button until he was as high as the chair could go! he also kinda checked out the “water” portion of the chair. but before he could explore more, i had my sis (thank goodness she was there…she was the official photographer!) and yaya take him to the play area again, while i spoke with her.

his front teeth, though, show cavities already because of his bottle drinking. so, we’re really trying to wean him now. next month, she says that the dental suppliers will have something you rub on the teeth–some protein thing–that will help harden the teeth. para non-invasive daw. which is good. will get some.

we spent the rest of the day at my mom’s…

in the late afternoon, stan and trina picked us up. we were going to celebrate my birthday in makati! we went to greenbelt and had dinner at di mark’s! yum! two pizzas and spaghetti for paul! then we went to drop paul and yaya off at national so trina and i could do some shopping. she ended up getting three shirts and a pair of pants. we had a little again to eat at seattle’s best. after, we went home na. it was a good birthday!

29 june 2003 6.15am

Crazy in Love

I�ve gone over it dozens of times�I can�t understand why. Maybe it�s just the natural feeling to feel. I�m crazy in love. So crazy in love with Paul. I�m also crazy in love with Stan, but the intensity seems to be different. I don�t think that Stan�s time is �finished�. I just think that now is Paul�s time.

I wish that sometime in the future, we have a little girl. And I will know not to feel bad when Stan�s crazy in love with her.

30 June 2003 11:02 AM


Last night, I met up with two high school friends for dinner. We had not seen each other for more than four months. But, just like any other old friends, there was no need to break the ice; we easily started where we left off the last time.

We discussed a little of everything�our kids, our husbands, our sex lives, our in-laws!, our never ending battle with fat. It was great.

Later on, one of my friends confessed why she really wanted to meet up�not to gripe about relatives, not to discuss positions of the kama sutra, not to get away from the hubbies and kids, but to actually just SEE us, her friends.

Just recently her mom�s best friend passed away because of breast cancer and other complications. She just truly wanted to see us, because, as she said, you never know�

It was good, catching up�I missed them as well.

4 July 2003 10:58 AM


I�m so sad today. Yesterday evening, I told Paul that I will ask Yaya to put him to bed as I was tired and I wanted to sleep early. After I tried to escape/make paalam that I was going to, I snuggled deep in bed and snoozed.

Around midnight, I hear crying. I woke up to see Stan carrying a crying Paul to bed. Wah!!! I couldn�t console him! He was so sad! Throughout the night, he�d wake up, crying. I would tell him that he were in bed with his mom and dad and things should be okay. But noooo, he wouldn�t stop. I�d carry him and dance around.

Finally, at around four, he asked to go to the john. I took him to pee then when we returned to bed, I said that I was sorry, I left him with Yaya, but I was really tired. Then, I said that I had to go to work today, but I�d try to be back early so we could do stuff together. He said okay. Then, he fell asleep soon enough. I feel sooo bad.

Yaya called me earlier to say that he had a runny nose. I felt so bad. WAH�so sad, so sad. Wish it were time to go home na.

7 July 2003 10:18 AM

Travails of a Working Mom

Paul is sick. He�s home with a cold and an on-again-off-again fever. I wish I were a homemaker. I could be able to watch him and care for him best as I could. But now, I�m a working mom. Sigh�trade-offs.

I keep thinking this is for his future. But where am I for him now? How much is the NPV of what Paul will be like in the future? Am I a good mother now?

Maybe one day, we�ll win the lotto. Yes, maybe. Then I�ll stop working. I�ll do part time charity work, the gym, build a house, travel, cook for my family, and most of all, be there immediately, when they need me.

8 July 2003 9:41 AM

Funny Paul

Just a couple of stories about Paul:


One night, while he was playing in my ILs room, he broke one of their figurines. The head kinda came off (I was later told that these were really old and it was bound to happen anyway as the figurines had a lot of cracks already).

My FIL kind of says something like, �I told you not to touch that already�blah, blah, blah��. Paul immediately says, �Which corner should I stand?�.

My FIL couldn�t help it, he started laughing!


Last night, Stan came home right about when Paul was going to have dinner. As usual, he wanted to play and didn�t want to eat yet, but was being �forced� (just a bit) to.

He started making a funny face like he was crying and said, �wah, I�m crying!�.

Stan was too taken aback he started laughing at Paul!

Hahahahaha! What a comedian!

22 July 2003 8:33 PM

No Breasts

A few months ago, Paul saw me undressing in front of him. To my surprise, he pointed to my chest and asked, �Mommy, what�s that?� On instinct, I said, �Boobs.� From then on, he started calling them �boobs�. I realized later on that he should call them by the more correct term �breasts�. I told him that they were called that instead of �boobs�.

The other night, while we were on the bed, he touched my chest and said, �Breasts�. I told him, �You�re right, sweetheart, they�re called breasts!� He then lifted up his shirt and said, �Mommy, I have no breasts!�


29 July 2003 8:52 AM

Being a Parent

On a trip back home from HongKong when I was pregnant with Paul, I had begun listing down things I had hoped to remember when I would already be a parent.

Just this weekend, I learned something again:

Befriend your child�s friends. They�re your link to him/her.

But at the same time, give him / her enough space.

(I think parenting is all about balancing things�difficult but possible)

13 August 2003 10:08 AM

Maia�s Birthday Party

It was the birthday party of the daughter of friends of ours from high school. The little girl�s name is Maia. The party was held at the preschool of her mom, and was run by the teachers. It was fairly quiet (as opposed to a �noisy� party that had a complete sound system, they just had a stereo component system) and to me, more fun.

While some kids played in the ball pool and the slides, the others did arts and crafts. There were a few games before lunch and the monkey and dogs show right after.

I liked this format a lot. It was nice and cozy, relaxed, and there was no heart-pumping music. I hope that we can have Paul�s party next year in the same way.

16 August 2003 10:56 PM

Last Weekend

This weekend was a bit full. We took Paul to a birthday party of Maia. He had fun, I think…there was no loud music, the venue was cozier (in the school of Mitch), and was run by teachers (of her school). Since the school was in a condo (Salcedo Mansions), she didn’t have a playground. Instead, she had a huge ball pool which Paul loved…Also, there was a bit for everyone…the adults had PRITCHON (try thinking of peking duck, but instead of duck, they use a lechon de leche!)! That was how I actually got Stan to go too.

Also, there was a dog and monkey show, which all the kids loved.

In the evening, Stan and I had to join my MIL for a dinner party. Good thing it was in Harbourcity, which was along Wilson, right across Hap Chang, so it was so close! (Yes, time to make SS—sipsip!)

On Sunday, we met up with the family for lunch. Candy and Jim were there, we had not seen them in a long time. Gigi’s bf, Sevi, was there too…he got her a new phone nga eh…a Sony Ericsson which had a camera (first in the family, so we were snapping pictures like anything)! Kulang nalang si Steve, hehehe!

We had just come home from a dinner naman at Stan’s cousin’s house. It was Bern�s bday celebration/despedida for Adrian who is leaving for the US on Friday (back to school for him). Paul had a grand time (after getting used to everyone, as you probably know…) playing with the dog of Stan’s cousin Meme. China, the poodle, was a whole lot smaller than him…alam mo naman that our dogs are all bigger than him, diba? He was actually on all fours, barking (arf, arf!) at China (it was so adorable, I was half laughing and half scared that he might get bitten, since China seemed scared of him…hehehehe!)! Hahahaha! He was also making the dog jump (“China, jump NOW!”), just like the trainers of the dogs at the party yesterday. Funny talaga si Paul!

Naku, until he fell asleep tonight, that was all he talked about daw. (I asked yaya to put him to bed nalang—it’s usually my job but I felt like I needed to spend a little more time with Stan…)

Stan got the entire first series of 24, that new show of Kiefer Sutherland. The concept is that the entire show runs in 24 hours. So there are 24 episodes, each in real time. It starts off at 12midnight. It was so good, we watched two tonight. I would think that if there were no work tomorrow, we would have gone on.

18 August 2003 8:33 AM

God Provides

I remember I wrote somewhere here that God always provided�He�s really galing! We had so many expenses for August, and I actually had money to pay for all, and some leftover! Reminds me of the five loaves of bread and two fish story.

I will sing praises to the Lord for He is good. Thank you, dear Kuya Jess, for always providing for me and my family.

25 August 2003 10:39 PM


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