27 June 2003 2:26 PM Blessed Again For the …

27 June 2003

2:26 PM

Blessed Again

For the longest time, I haven’t saved any money. Nope, not a single cent. A few weeks back, I actually thought I had money to save. I was already going to put a small amount into the time deposit at the bank. Then I paid off our bills, then I paid the balance of Paul’s tuition, then the bill of our car’s insurance came. Then I realized why it seemed like I had extra cash…because He knew I needed it. God is great!

(Kahit hindi ako naka-save.)

29 june 2003


Dentist and My Birthday

yesterday morning, i took paul to the dentist! her name is dr. tessa ablaza. clinic is in medical plaza (right beside medico on san miguel ave). when you enter her office, you see a space that is full of nice toys. she actually even has a tiny piano! blocks, toy tables, vtech toys, etc. but no books. only toys, plus ride-on toys too! so paul relaxed immediately. he started playing while i filled out the patient form. before we went in (we were the only ones at that time), the dentist came out to explain what she’ll be doing…she said she’ll count his teeth, brush them, teach yaya and i how to brush his teeth, and put flouride.

i had to coax paul to join me kasi he was busy playing. good thing it wasn’t so hard. he came and i was carrying him into the dentist’s main office. it was all white and so nice and clean. her chair had some hanging toys. it looked more like a house with a dentist’s chair, really. she explained that for first visits, the child sits on the mom’s lap and then puts his/her head on the doctor’s lap. (i was seated on the dentist’s chair with my legs out, facing the dentist. i wasn’t lying down. we were kinda knee-to-knee.) at first, paul didn’t want to put his head down. (thank goodness for “investments”—i told him a long time ago about his dentist’s name, and what she’ll be doing to him…he wasn’t too surprised anymore. he likes being warned ahead of time kasi, and usually, he’ll be okay.)

dr. tessa was telling him she’d be counting his teeth with her little mirror. she first counted his fingers with it, then when he lay down on her lap, she counted his teeth! no struggle! then he sat up again. she showed him what she called her “eraser”. it’s one of those dentist’s tools which look like foam and is used to put parang “toothpaste” on the teeth. she asked him to touch it, to see how soft it was. then she explained what she was going to do with it. she showed him some blue toothpaste thingy and said that it tastes like mint. she said that she’d be putting it on his teeth. he lay down again, and she did it with no problems at all! (btw, i was holding both his hands in this position all the time.)

next, she showed me and yaya how to brush his teeth (in circles). she had a toothbrush she was going to give him which she used. she counted to him while she was doing ten circles on the front teeth, back teeth, molars, etc. then last was the flouride. she applied flouride, then that was it!

amazing, wasn’t it? oh, and once, when paul was seated on me, he actually pushed a button and the chair started going up! we told him we’d let him do that after the dentist does what she has to do. so after the flouride treatment, i stood up, put him on the seat, made him relax while dr. tessa pushed a button until he was as high as the chair could go! he also kinda checked out the “water” portion of the chair. but before he could explore more, i had my sis (thank goodness she was there…she was the official photographer!) and yaya take him to the play area again, whild i spoke with her.

his front teeth, though, show cavities already because of his bottle drinking. so, we’re really trying to wean him now. next month, she says that the dental suppliers will have something you rub on the teeth–some protein thing–that will help harden the teeth. para non-invasive daw. which is good. will get some.

we spent the rest of the day at my mom’s…

in the late afternoon, stan and trina picked us up. we were going to celebrate my birthday in makati! we went to greenbelt and had dinner at di mark’s! yum! two pizzas and spaghetti for paul! then we went to drop paul and yaya off at national so trina and i could do some shopping. she ended up getting three shirts and a pair of pants. we had a little again to eat at seattle’s best. after, we went home na. it was a good birthday!


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