17 June 2003 1:07PM Paul’s Second Day at Schoo…

17 June 2003


Paul’s Second Day at School

There seemed like a big improvement at school for Paul today. He actually played with two of the toys during outdoor play. One of them was like some kind of animal that rocks back and forth, while the other was a little truck that he could ride (that’s relative since his legs were too long for it). He liked the truck since it had a stick that we said was a speedometer.

Somewhere during the middle part of outdoor play, I told him I’d wait for him outside and he let me! This was great! (I could have actually done it yesterday, but I guess the nosy part of me wanted to see what was going on. His teachers called me once as they said he was looking for me. (The directress, Didi, thought that they could have waited a little longer, and it would have still been okay with Paul.)

When I brought him into the classroom, we changed clothes and I told him I’d wait for him outside. It was great that he was inside with all his classmates and his teachers! He didn’t seem like he needed me at all! (Sad and happy at the same time…)

Today’s school day was pretty good, I guess. We’ll see tomorrow…

16 June 2003


Paul’s First Day at School

This morning was quite hectic because there were two cars that were banned today and then two other cars that had to be sent into the shop to get fixed. I ended up borrowing a car from my mom and driving that to take Paul to school (and me to work!).

Paul’s first day was okay…he was more the observer than the joiner. He played alone. I was kinda hoping he’d join in but I guess that’s him for you.


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